Author: Ranae Rudd

Ranae Rudd is a graduate student at Brigham Young University, a part-time ESL teacher, and a full-time little sister and favorite aunt. Along with copy editing, Ranae enjoys writing short stories.

The Untold True History of a WWII Veteran

Transporting US troops from Marseille, France, to New York, USA, Farrest S Rudd (1921-2010) utilized revolutionary technology known as radar in order to safely move troops aboard a Liberty ship. He would endure hurricanes and freezing temperatures while constantly looking for remaining German fighters and sea mines. The following account …

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A Letter to God: Are You in Everything?

Dear God, Today I tried to find You. Some people say You are in everything. Is that true? I looked for You in our basement. I looked for You in that brownie I ate. I tried the sock drawer and neighborhood park. I even searched the dream I had about …

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