How to Discipline a Toddler Without Hitting Part 4: Creating Consequences with purpose Through John Gottman’s Emotion Coaching

It’s okay to be angry, it’s not not not okay to hurt someone. -Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood When using an authoritative approach to parenting as described in part 3, it’s important for parents to keep in mind their long-term goals. Children need to immediately stop harmful, destructive, or unkind behavior, but it is also important for […]

Fixing Snowflakes: Five Parenting Tips to Build Self-Esteem Without Entitlement

The greater the distance between the giver and the receiver, the more the receiver develops a sense of entitlement. -Wilford W. Andersen Imagine you are babysitting your nine-year-old neighbor Grayson. You plop down face-to-face for a game of Monopoly, one of your favorites growing up. You have a sluggish start trying to collect red and yellow […]

Skeptical of Your Worth? Professors, Scientists, and Your Own Skin Prove You Wrong

And I know that I deserve your love There’s nothing I’m not worthy of —“This is Me,” The Greatest Showman The Making-up “I’m so sorry. I know I look hideous today. I was rushing, and I had to go pick up the grandkids. And I’d forgotten to set the alarm for earlier, so I did […]