Top 10 #MomLife Posts We Relate to So Much it Hurts

This week we found our top 10 favorite #momlife posts from twitter! What does it take to be a mom? Here’s what we found:


10. Oooooh the car needs. Yes.


9. Here’s to that mom who has changed more than her fair share of diapers. We feel you!

8. “Have kids!” they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said.


7. This dad gets it.

6. You got this mama! Up that positive self-talk! You’ll need it.

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5.When you can’t help but let out the potty language.

4.The honesty.

3.The tested and true,
What I Say VS. What They Hear.

2.We finally understand those parents who told us we wouldn’t understand.

and for our number 1 favorite #momlife post…….

This mom speaks to our souls. Truth-bomb.

Comment your favorite #momlife moment.

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About the author:
Veronika Tait is the proud mother of two little ones. She earned her PhD in Social Psychology at Brigham Young University. When she’s not singing Broadway show tunes in her shower, she’s reading parenting books, teaching psychology courses, or starting political fires on Facebook.